AGe Distribution 

A total of 81 respondents completed the survey: 48% females and 52% males, ranging from 10 to 19 years of age.

Racial Breakdown of Respondents

Many players had lighter skin complexion types

UTR Rating of Players

Majority of players were competitive tennis players regularly participating in match play in tournaments

Number of Days per week playing tennis 

85% of respondents play tennis 3-7 days a week, and about 2/3 play 4-7 days a week

Number of days per week playing tennis between 10AM and 4pm

More than 70% of respondents play 2-7 days per week during peak sun intensity hours, between 10am and 4pm

Every Day Sun protection Routine

Alarmingly, almost half of the players do not use sunscreen regularly, and more than 27% of them don't wear a hat, cap, or visor routinely!

Only about 11% use protective eyewear, and less than 6% UV-protective clothing.

Sunscreen Types Used

When asked about the type of sunscreen used, only 1/3 of players was aware what type they were using. Only 17.5% thought they were using mineral based sunscreen (which is recommended by most dermatologists)

Sun protection factor (SPF)

The majority of sunscreen users used SPF 15-30 or higher and appears to be familiar with the term SPF

Sun Screen Application before tennis practice or match

Only 22% of players stated they always apply sunscreen before their practice or matches, and only less than 10% reapply at least every two hours

Reasons for not wearing sunscreen 

The most frequently cited reason for not using sunscreen products are factors such as “not enough time” (36%), “makes my racked grip slippery” (26%), “smell or texture” (27%), “makes my acne worse” (10%), and “burns in my eyes'' (9%). 

Reasons for wearing sunscreen

Of those respondents who routinely use sunscreens, the main reasons for doing so were “to avoid sunburns” (65%), being “worried about skin cancer” (37%), “because my parents tell me to” (38%), and “to prevent wrinkles/aging” (25%) or “dark spots” (20%). 

Sunscreen USE: DISTRIBUTION OF Body sites 

Out of the respondents stating they are regular sunscreen users, most (73%) regularly apply it to the face; However, only 56% apply sunscreen routinely to the arms, only half to the neck (51%) and legs (46%), less than 1/3 to the ears (27%), and few to the back of hands (11%)

Family history of skin cancer

90% of players are unaware of any blood-related family history of skin cancer but 10% state there is a positive family history


Most junior players only have some basic idea, if any, what skin cancer looks like. More than 2/3 would like to learn more about it!

Skin cancer education by physicians

Less than 1/3 of players have been talked to about skin cancer prevention and early detection by their doctor (pediatrician/family doctor)