Our Mission

Advantage: SKIN is an educational initiative dedicated to junior tennis players. Our mission is to educate them about the risk of sun damage and to reduce their risk of developing skin cancer. Learn more about how to protect your skin and and our inspiring projects today!

Why is Sun Protection so Important in Young People?

Almost 90% of all skin cancers, including the most deadly one, melanoma, are directly related to exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Children and teenagers are particularly vulnerable to damage from UV rays: Just one bad sunburn in childhood or adolescence doubles your child’s chances of developing melanoma later in life! Today, melanoma is one of the top three cancers diagnosed in young adults 

How advantage:SKIN can be of help to you:

This website will help you to find many amazing resources that are particularly relevant to young tennis players. This should help you to find out more about the risks, early detection and prevention of skin cancers. Furthermore, we have carried out our own research to find out what the current sun protective behavior is like in junior tennis players in southern California. This may be different from other regions in the U.S. and the world, although we believe similar trends may be observed globally. Lastly, we are hoping to host events at junior tennis academies locally and internationally, to learn about the situation in different places and to adapt our educational recommendations. We encourage you to give us your feedback! Also, please check in regularly, as we are planning to update this site monthly and whenever new relevant findings about sun protection or skin cancer prevention come up!